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Carnival Miracle – Hawaiian cruise (port 2) Honolulu – Pearl Harbor/Punch Bowl Excursion

Day 7 of our Carnival Cruise brought us to Honolulu. Our time there was longer than a lot of ports, 9:00AM-11:00PM, which was nice!

We had booked an excursion via the cruise ship a long while before our set sail date. Carnival offered two different Pearl Harbor excursions and they both sold out rather quickly. By the time we booked (which wasn’t long after we’d booked the cruise, a year before sailing) the excursion we’d have really liked to have was booked up. The option we took was a drive through the Punchbowl and then going to WWII Valor in the Pacific Monument. Both were such an amazing sight to be seen.

Before being taken to a small boat to the observation bridge we watched a fifteen-minute video about the day of the Pearl Harbor attack. It was heartbreaking. Barely a word was spoken on the boat over to the observation deck and when people spoke once on there it was at a whisper. All you could hear was water sloshing and cameras clicking. I’m so glad we took the opportunity to go on this excursion. The feeling being there was indescribable.

I’ve uploaded photos from the visit, if you are so inclined, below. There’s a lot, but it’s hard not to take photos when you’re somewhere like this. You can click photos to enlarge them.


Oil on the water

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