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Carnival Miracle – Hawaiian cruise (port 4) Kona

For this port our excursion was all about coffee, which my mother was super pumped about. We boarded a bus and they took us on a scenic drive of Kona and stopped at a gift shop with, according to my mother, the best coffee she’d ever tasted. Along the way we also stopped at Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park.


Temple #findyourpark

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Just a few palm trees #findyourpark

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There were some pretty amazing turtles on a roped off area of the beach. I wish you could see how large they are in the photos but it’s so hard to tell. They were huge though!



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We ended up with a really beautiful day on Kona. No rain, which we’d had on all of our other ports due to a hurricane and tropical storm nearby (don’t even get me started on how scary that idea was). We were fascinated by the lava rock beach at the national park and the water was just gorgeous. Honestly though, the only other place I’ve been that had water that was as beautiful (so blue, so clear) was Grand Cayman. It’s hard to believe we went all the way from Alabama, to LA, then to Hawaii and didn’t step foot in the ocean. Our only excuse is we couldn’t decide which port we should do that on and by the time we’d booked excursions there just wasn’t time to find a good spot before we had to be back on the ship to set sail.

Anyway, here are some photos. You can click them to enlarge and get camera details.

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