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Carnival Miracle – Hawaiian cruise (port 5) – Hilo

Last stop! Hilo is a town located on the Big Island. For this port, we chose to book a Carnival excursion to the botanical garden since my mother is a huge plant person. Really, Hawaii is perfect for her. The ocean, the flowers, the coffee. It was really beautiful and just so full of greenery and flowers. The trees were fascinating, as you’ll see in the photos. I think we probably took more pictures here, followed by Honolulu. The downside of doing an excursion is you don’t have as much time as you’d like at each stop. We most definitely need more time in the garden. We didn’t get to see everything because my mom lingered at certain points for such a long amount of time.


Water droplets

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We had another random rainy day but it had stopped by the time we made it to our destination. Even had it continued I feel like we’d have been sheltered from it due to how thick the trees were in some parts of the garden. It was like something out of a childrens book.


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There were random waterfalls throughout the walk in the botanical garden and even up in front of us we could hear the crashing of waves so we knew the ocean was RIGHT THERE but the foliage was so thick we couldn’t see a thing. It was like being hidden in our own little world.


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I know a lot of people do not like coconut but I happen to love it and when I had the opportunity to try it in ice cream, well DUH. Except we had a bit of a mishap. It was so good though!! I can still remember what it tastes like and I had one little lick.

Then we were back on our ship and the next morning we went to the dining room for breakfast, which we did a few times so we could have a change in our meals. The buffet area was pretty much the same thing every morning and after being on their for 15 days one can only eat so many omeletes, ya know? I was actually kind of disappointed in the food we were served. On previous cruises everything was phenomenal but this time seemed rather lackluster to me 🙁


Chocolate chip pancakes and chicken sausage #latergram

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The first full say of sailing back to Long Beach was our second formal night of the trip. This time I went pink and lacy.


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This was actually pretty good. The dining room definitely had more upscale food options than the buffet area did.


Spanakopita and stuffed bell pepper

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Just so I can show off my cute evening bag and shoes…


When you can’t walk back to your stateroom in your shoes

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Then we sailed and sailed and sailed our way back to California.

Click on the photos below to enlarge.

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