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So here I am, finally, trying to get this thing going again. I keep thinking about it, then forgetting, then remembering, then putting it off. Not that I don’t want to get started blogging again, because I do, but internet, I am lazy. That’s the honest truth. Also, the house I’ve lived in the last almost fifteen years hasn’t had the internet until now. Our only internet option until recently was dialup, which is pretty much useless when it comes to uploading pictures. Last week we were finally able to get AT&T DSL. It’s not super fast but it’s so much better than nothing at all.

Shutter Pecan - Tabby cat - Jasper


Let me tell you, this post will more than likely be all pet pictures I’ve taken recently. Mostly cat pictures, because he doesn’t seem to mind so much when I take them.

A week ago we had to take our Lab, Jackson, to be put down due to poor health. It’s so hard losing a pet, no matter how many times you have to make that decision, it is the. worst. He had arthritis and could barely walk. Then as he got older (fifteen years) his stomach started giving him trouble and he couldn’t control his bowels. The vet couldn’t find anything wrong with him other than “old age”. It’s hard seeing furbabies ailing and not knowing what to do for them.


A few months ago I bought a point and shoot Sony camera. It’s one that Amanda of KevinandAmanda uses for her travels. I went back and forth on investing in another camera but I kept seeing how beautiful her photos were and decided to go for it. I love being able to carry a camera in my purse on a daily basis but it’s hard with my DSLR. The Sony RXM1003 is perfect for that. The next few posts will feature pictures I’ve taken with it recently.

I think I’m going to start doing a “weekly favorites” post perhaps. I worry that by doing that I won’t follow through because I do get stuck and obsessed with things. Especially when it comes to albums! I’ll give it a whirl and see how it goes though. I suppose now is a good a time as any so…

Website I’m really enjoying lately: Sean of the South. I’m not a particularly religious person but I am a fan of beautiful writing and Sean does it so well. Also, I love his blog name.

Album I’m currently addicted to: Well this one is hard because there are two that I keep flopping back and forth between. Troye Sivan “Blue Neighbourhood” and Charlie Puth “Nine Track Mind”.

Currently reading and having a lot of feelings over: The Shadows by J.R. Ward. I do so love me some Black Dagger Brotherhood and I’m excited to catch up on the series. I can’t believe I let myself get several books behind!

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