Wrecking Havoc and playing with Lightroom

I’ve been attending hockey games for my towns SPHL team this season. Since I’ve been trying to get more use out of my camera I decided to pull it out during this past weekend’s playoff game.

These guys have played their hearts out this season and I’m so proud of them and everyone involved with the team. Friday night they won in overtime in a very exciting game. Unfortunately, Saturday night did not go as well and we were knocked out of the playoffs. I’m still so thrilled for them that they made it so far.


During warm-ups, I took five or six pictures before putting my camera away. This shot was my favorite of the series.

You’ll notice these are all the same picture, just edited differently. I love playing around with pictures and seeing what little things I can change to make the photo look different. I use Lightroom and absolutely love it! Most of my presets for editing are from Pretty Presets.

I’ve been randomly watching NHL games but haven’t really leaned toward one team or another. I’m still pretty clueless about most of the rules and terminology. Pretty much what I know about hockey I learned from The Mighty Ducks. Maybe now that the minor league season is over I’ll start digging up info to educate myself! I’ve watched college football all of my life but this is a whole other game.

Are you a hockey person? Do you have a favorite team?

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