Woof and meow

This evening when I came from work these two wouldn’t leave their post in front of the front door. There was nothing else for me to do but grab my camera and start taking pictures. Allie [dog] wasn’t interested in the least, but Jasper [cat] likes the attention.


When he flares his whiskers out I just can’t help but coo at him. He’s such a sweet boy. It’s amazing to me that he was a random feral stray just over a year ago. He loves pets, to be brushed, and belly rubs. The only thing he doesn’t really like is to be picked up, but I’m gently working on that. On occasion, I pick him up and carry him with me to bed, or just give him a little hug then put him back on the floor. The cat I had growing up would let me carry him from room to room. We’ll get there eventually. At least I’m not trying to put doll clothes on him, which I did with my Tux kitty.


A couple of days ago she just wanted a nap and I just wanted her to post for me but she refused. At the ripe old age of nine years, she’s over me shoving a camera in her face. I get it though, I hate having my picture taken too. I sometimes think that I need to get over that because as I get older I’m going to want photos of myself. I’d rather take pictures of these two and other people.


When we bought Allie a new bed she was not the least bit interested. I guess the other one, being all worn and wallered out, is better. We kept it, thinking she would eventually use the new bed but NOPE, months later it is filled with her toys and she’s yet to lay in it. So I put it in the window seat of the bay window, to see if Jasper would get in it. As soon as I placed it in front of the window he climbed in. He has snoozed in it since. Money well spent, whether the intended recipient wanted it or not.


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