TBEX Huntsville Alabama

This weekend there is a little travel bloggers conference happening in Huntsville Alabama. When I call it “little” I’m being somewhat sarcastic because it is far from little. The TBEX conference is around 500 people and occurs all over the world and showcases speakers from various aspects of travel, seminars, classes, and a plethora of other fun activities. It’s pretty darn amazing.

I managed to snap a few photos of today’s lunch before the masses poured in. Let me tell you, it all looked incredible. Theme stations, from southern fare to pasta and pizza. That banana pudding looked mighty good to me but I did not try it, though I was sorely tempted. I’m trying to be good lately, you know. I have proudly lost 15 pounds since December. But that’s another story for another time.

Seeing this conference made me want to be a travel blogger. I love seeing and taking photos of different parts of the world. Can you even imagine the amazing places these people have been able to explore? It has to be awe inspiring. I couldn’t do it all the time, as a full-time job, but I would love to be able to travel more and share those experiences here. My passport has not been used enough!

On my travel wish list: (international) Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Italy, Greece; (domestic) Seattle Washington, NYC, Orlando Florida.

Do you have a travel wish list? What’s on it?

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  1. I’m from Europe and I’ve been, from your list, to London(just the city), Italy and Greece, all of them have their own thing, their different. As for my own list: Spain, Turkey(when they calm down), Iran(the same) ans US(I don’t know the food oriented city’s, as a tourist L.A. Is on the top of the list!).

    • Good list! I need to add Spain to mine. I went to L.A. last October and didn’t love it, but I also didn’t see or do much. NYC has some amazing food. I’ve also heard Seattle has great options. Oh, and definitely New Orleans! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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