Meal Planning, week 1

So ok, I’ve been wanting to start meal planning for The Longest Time and finally did it last week, for this week. I’m sharing a few photos of recipes we used this week (so far).

Monday was Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken from Damn Delicious, which we added carrots and broccoli too. It turned out so good and full of flavor. The recipe made a lot so we had tons left for lunches, plus more. Looking at the photo I took makes me wish I had some now. I think this was actually better than sweet and sour chicken I’ve had via take out restaurants. Definitely keeping this one for the future.

On Tuesday we made Celebrating Sweets Healthier Sloppy Joes. I love a sloppy joe and having a homemade version is so much healthier than canned sauce. I also love having the veggies in there. It made the sloppy joe have a little something extra. We used ground turkey instead of beef, because we don’t eat beef, and it was delicious! This one is another keeper, y’all. We made our own sweet potato fries too, which I could just eat an entire batch by myself.

Wednesday’s dinner was from Skinny Taste. We’ve made this Salisbury Steak and Garlic mashed potatoes in the past and it has turned out so well both times! Growing up salisbury steak (the frozen kind) was a staple on the dinner table so having this homemade (healthier) version is a nice throwback. Gina’s mashed potatoes are awesome as well. I’ve made many recipes from Skinny Taste and they have all been fantastic.

Today’s dinner is going to be zoodle’s and RAO basil tomato sauce so I figured most everyone would know what that looks like and we could skip blogged it haha Friday we usually do something out since it’s FRIDAY and everyone is done with the week.

Do you meal plan? What are some of your favorite go-to dinners?

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