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I decided to give Lipsense a go! I’ve read/watched so many different opinions on it and figured I really needed to try it out myself. I posted several little video snippets on Instagram (see below) but I’m sharing the photos here. I may do a full youtube video at some point as well. I purchased Aussie Rose and Blu Red from a trusted friend that is totally digging this lip product. Keep reading to see what I thought.

Giving Lipsense a go. Thanks @kricketscloset for my new makeup addiction!

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The way this system works you have to apply thin coats of the colored product and let it dry 5-10 seconds between layers. These are not the best pictures because I was taking them with my phone, for IG. If y’all are interested in a more in-depth post with better photos and a video, let me know!

Please ignore my brows. Girl, I need to get them done.

I’m pretty sure I applied a little too much of the glossy gloss on the first round because it was stickier than I expected. It is supposed to be slightly tacky, from what I understand. I don’t usually like sticky lip products (like glosses) but this didn’t annoy me like they usually do.

We’re looking pretty good, even after drinking water all day and eating lunch.

And here we are as I’m getting ready to shower and take my makeup off.

Overall, I liked it! I think it stays on well, as long as you do the reapplication of the glossy gloss through the day (I only reapplied once). I think it’ll be especially great for nights out or when attending events. I know some people have issues with the lip color burning when they apply it, because of the alcohol content, but I didn’t have any issues. If you do experience burning or stinging it’s because your lips are dry, which I do have a problem with but the Lipsense didn’t bother me. I’m definitely interested in getting more colors!

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