Tomatoes! Coming out of our ears.

On Friday my mother went to Home Goods, forever on the hunt for Rae Dunn and came across this chair. It’s pretty much the most perfect, princessy chair ever and I really NEED it. It was $99.99 and while she did not buy it for me, because $100, I am putting serious thought into going to pick it up. I’ll just have to do some creative rearranging to fit it in. I’d use it for a desk chair since I’m currently window shopping for a small desk that’s just big enough to blog/write/edit photos on my laptop at.

I’ve looked at several other clear acrylic chairs but this one REALLY speaks to the 5-year-old in me.

Saturday was tomato canning day and while it’s a pretty simple endeavor, it’s also time consuming. Who knew it took so long to peel skins off of tomatoes. Thank goodness the boiling hot water helps. My mother is always nervous about using the pressure cooker but it all turned out well. We had lots and lots…and lots of tomatoes but once it’s all said and done, they break down into not a lot. I think we ended up with a dozen or so quart jars. But this winter we will be so glad to have them!

And since nobody wanted to go out to pick up something for dinner I concocted a thing lol I really wanted to make a ‘from scratch” hamburger helper but every recipe I looked at had some ingredient we didn’t have on hand. So. Since we did have a boxed Cheeseburger hamburger helper I used that and doctored it a little. I put in a can of Rotel (which I later realize was probably not mild and made it pretty spicy), frozen corn, and black beans. If I were to throw this together again I’d have used taco seasoning as well, or in place of the whole pack of cheese sauce, maybe. It turned out “ok” for me but everyone else really liked it, so that’s a win.

The rest of the weekend I caught up on Prison Break season 5, FINALLY. Read a little and finished Dating You Hating You by Christina Lauren. I also cleaned a good bit, because it seems like dust is everywhere constantly, no matter how frequently I dust. Plus, with a cat in the house I could probably make a kitten with the hair he sheds.

Now it’s off to the races with another work week. Thankful that I do love my job, though I would love one more day every weekend.


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