Beauty Bakerie Haul

I’ve recently noticed people talking about Beauty Bakerie and wanted to give it a try so I placed an order and it arrived today! I haven’t swatched the lip whip (lip stick) on my lips but I wanted to share photos of how cute the package was when it arrived!









I purchased the Lip Whip remover because the lip whip is supposed to be long wearing and sometimes that type of product is a pain to get completely off. Look at how cute the packaging is! You can click on the photos to make them larger.

I also picked up the lip scrub which I went back and forth on buying at the time but it’s said to help the long wear of the lip whip. I tend to have really dry lips, year-round, but in winter they are really bad. I figured it can’t hurt to exfoliate my lips and keep them looking healthier so I can wear lip color without it looking terrible.









Now on to the Lip Whip colors I grabbed! I have multiple red lip sticks, glosses, and liquid lip colors but I’m always a sucker for something new to try out. So the first thing in my cart was Mon Cheri, which looks just beautiful.

I probably put other colors and removed them again a dozen times before deciding the second color I would order would be Bubblegum Crisis. I wanted something that was neutral enough to wear daily but had a pop of pink.

They both swatched really well but this is my arm so we’ll have to see how they look and wear on my lips. I’ll definitely report back once I’ve worn both of them a couple times. My photos don’t really do Bubblegum Crisis justice since the lighting was off when I took them.

Have you ever tried Beauty Bakerie? What’s your favorite lip brand/product and why?

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