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March 29, 2018 – Nashville Predators vs San Jose Sharks at Bridgestone Arena

I attended my very first NHL game this season. I’m a casual fan of San Jose Sharks so when I realized they’d be playing Nashville Predators at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville Tennessee I mentioned it to a friend and fellow hockey fan. Next thing I knew we were buying tickets (which ended up being great seats) and planning a quick trip up to Nashville. I’ve attended many events at Bridgestone Arena and love it there. I was excited to get to see some hockey in one of my favorite places to see a show! We went down to watch the Sharks warmups and I just held my point and shoot camera in front of me and kept hitting the shutter without really looking at what I was doing. I’ve been playing with camera settings to work on my action shot skills so there are some blurry faces but I was happy with how some of these came out.

Click on a picture to view it larger.

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