This Week Apr 8-14, 2019

I spent Sunday cleaning and doing some meal prep for the week. I roasted a combination of sweet potatoes, chick peas, broccoli and onion with garlic powder, salt and pepper. I’m trying to eat more plant-based meals, less dairy, and less sugar. Not really for a fad diet purpose but for health changes. As I was getting ready for bed I realized I need to take some pictures and wandered the house to see what I could find. It’s really made a huge difference in what I’m considering shooting now that I’m using my camera on manual mode. I want to sign up for another class soon.

On Monday I took a bit of time out of my day to wander and observe. There’s this spot I’ve had my eye on and have wanted to take pictures of for a while so I finally did it today. I worked eight hours and got a lot accomplished, then I went home, changed clothes and ran. I did 2 miles on the treadmill and it felt pretty good. I have some days when my legs are tired and I don’t think I can keep going. Other days I feel like I could tack on an extra mile. I’m trying to take it slow but I’m looking forward to running solid and doing it for miles.

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