Catching up

Catching up

For mother’s day I made chicken alfredo from scratch, using Life in the Lofthouse recipe. It’s become a bit of a tradition on Mother’s Day since alfredo is my moms favorite and it’s so rich she doesn’t get it all that often. The first time I thought about making it for her I wasn’t sure how it would go because it’s seemed intimidating. But this recipe is so simple and easy to follow. I usually double it for leftovers and it reheats perfectly.

I usually like to get mom a cake as well. Sometimes I order the Chantilly cake from Publix, other times I bake something from scratch. I spent a couple of weeks looking for recipes because I really wanted something strawberry and lemon this time since she likes lemon cake and it’s strawberry season. I decided on this cake from College Housewife because it intrigued me with the fresh strawberries in the cake, along with lemon juice and zest, the lemon curd filling (I used storebought) and the freeze dried strawberries in the icing. It turned out really yummy and I can see myself even making it without the lemon curd. The cake had the best flavor and it was incredibly moint (sorry!).

I haven’t been eating very well and exercising has fallen by the wayside so I don’t know why when I stepped on the scale a few weeks ago I was shocked to find out I’d gained back every single pound I’d lost last year. I got frustrated with myself for a few minutes then I realized the only thing I can do is get back in my healthy habits and make it happen again. SO, I joined weight watchers again, since I was successful there and I stupidly quit, thinking I could do it on my own. I also started Fit Girl Guide 28 Day Jumpstart on June 3 and started running again. Since the weather has gotten hot I began setting an alarm for 5am and even though that is so early, it’s really great knowing when I get off of work I don’t have to go home and face the treadmill. If you are into that sort of thing, or you are struggling to get your workouts in and need some support, follow me on my ‘health’ IG account.

For Memorial Day we had some friends over on Saturday, did some grilling and some swimming and watched a movie.

My home hockey team won the championship for the second season in a row so we had a celebration at our arena, so that was a lot of fun too. I have regrets that I didn’t carry my camera to the actual game because we won on home ice. I won’t make that mistake next season!

That’s about all I have for exciting news. I’m going to try to start blogging more, even if it means just talking about what I’m currently reading. There’s a class at Clickin Moms I want to sign up for so maybe summer would be a great time for that!

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