What I ate today #1

What I ate today #1

On Sunday’s I generally do meal prep, making the same thing for breakfast for the entire week. I try to do lunch as well but sometimes I decide to wing it, if I can’t decide on something. Breakfast this week is this Spinach Ricotta Quiche from Skinnytaste. You’ll find as I post these entries that I use Gina’s recipes A LOT. They are always tasty and she creates healthy versions of things I already love to eat.

Since this is one of the weeks I decided to wing it with lunch I went with leftovers from Monday’s dinner. This is a Cheesy Penne Bake with Eggplant, from Skinnytaste Cookbook, which I highly recommend! This pasta is really simple and easy and soooo good.

This Deep Dish Taco Casserole is from Emily Bites, who I also depend on frequently. I usually decide on menus the week prior, and I don’t always stick to certain days for items, except for the most part there is some sort of mexican food on Tuesday and if there is something going on that evening (like a tv show I don’t want to miss or I’m working late) I try to look for something that doesn’t take a lot of time to prep or cook.

My intention is to post these as regularly as possible. Maybe not daily, but as often as I can. I’ve linked to the recipes I used and if I made any changes to those recipes as I cook them I’ll make of that in future posts. I hope this helps other people who are looking for ideas because I know I really depend on other blogs for that myself. See y’all soon!

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